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Discover the future of creativity with Creative Alchemy's upcoming courses! Dive into the exciting world of digital scenography, virtual production, and immersive art. Our expert-led sessions will empower you with cutting-edge skills in creative technology and artistic practices. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, our courses are designed to ignite your passion and elevate your creative journey. Stay tuned for a transformative learning experience that blends art, technology, and innovation!

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Keep an eye out for our upcoming appearances in 2024. We're excited to bring you thought-provoking discussions and captivating presentations from industry leaders in the art world. Stay tuned for more information on dates, topics, and speakers.

Final Pixel

Final Pixel Academy 2023
ScreenSkills tasters

In the 2023/2024 academic cycle, Creative Alchemy played a key role in the Final Pixel Academy's HETV Virtual Production seminar, designed to introduce heads of department from film and TV backgrounds to the ground-breaking possibilities that virtual production offers in storytelling. Our primary focus was on elucidating the concepts of previsualization and world-building, utilizing 'Silo' and 'Hijack' as exemplary case studies. These projects were chosen for their innovative use of advanced virtual production techniques, which significantly enhanced their narrative depth and visual storytelling.

ArtGate 2023

Discover the realm of Realtime 3D workflows under the guidance of Shannon Harvey, an inspiring figure renowned for his expertise in digital media, visual effects, and immersive technology. With a multifaceted background encompassing concert touring, immersive exhibits, virtual production for TV, large-scale spectacle events, building mapping, and media facades, Shannon's insight is invaluable. 

Art Gate Prauge
Production Future awards 2023

Production Futures 2023

Serena Bliss was awarded 2023's TV/Broadcast Production newcomer awarded by Riedel and Entrepreneur of the year award awarded by 2BeHeard

Frame:Work London 2022

At the Framework London 2022, Serena, representing Creative Alchemy, delivered a presentation titled 'Compositional Space with Smode,' highlighting our innovative approaches in digital composition and design. This presentation showcased the advanced capabilities of Smode, a real-time compositing software, and its application in creating dynamic, immersive visual environments. Alongside the presentation, Creative Alchemy also hosted a prominent stand at the tradeshow segment of the event. This stand featured an interactive demonstration of both Notch and Smode technologies, drawing a significant audience keen on exploring the latest trends in real-time visual effects and interactive media

Framework Lodnon

Production Park Symposium 2022

The past few years have seen a renaissance in visual storytelling on a predicted path as graphics and computing power reached a technical milestone of fidelity to reproducing reality.

The next evolution of digital workflows in this area seems poised to develop further with Deep Learning and Object-based programming techniques allowing for automation and efficiency improvements in the creative process. 

Smode Training 2021 - 2023

Throughout 2023, Creative Alchemy embarked on a project to enrich the global creative community by producing a series of online workshops and engaging demonstrations. These initiatives were specifically designed to explore the diverse applications of Smode's software, a leading tool in real-time visual effects and interactive media. Our workshops offered in-depth insights into the capabilities of Smode, ranging from basic functionality to advanced techniques, catering to a wide spectrum of users from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Nur Alem Pavilion

Disguise VP Training 2020

In 2020, Creative Alchemy designed and delivered a comprehensive seminar for the disguise online learning platform, entitled 'Organic Creative Display.' This seminar was conducted on an advanced XR stage at Backlight in Edinburgh, leveraging the latest in extended reality technologies. The presentation provided an in-depth exploration of the creative and technical workflows employed in the development of the Nur Alem Pavilion in Kazakhstan. A key focus of the seminar was on the innovative use of organic LED UV mapping techniques, a groundbreaking approach at the time. Additionally, we delved into the complexities of creating spherical content workflows, tailored for the unique structure of the Nur Alem Pavilion – then the world's largest spherical building.

BA Live Visual Design & ProductionAcademy of Live Events

Over a span of six years, Shannon held the esteemed position of course leader for the BA in Live Visual Design & Production at the Academy of Live Events in Yorkshire. In this role, Shannon mentored nearly 100 students, imparting his extensive knowledge and expertise in real-time visual content workflows, media server technology, and stage integration techniques. His guidance was instrumental in equipping students with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary production processes in the live events industry. A significant aspect of his tenure was the focus on hands-on, practical learning experiences, which culminated in dozens of remarkable student-led projects. Notable among these were the contributions to the Prague Quadrennial in both 2015 and 2019, where students showcased their innovative designs and technical prowess on an international stage. His sformer students have gone on to work for many major companies projects having an incredible impact on the industry.

Academy of Live Events
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