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For Storytellers
  • Virtual Production Script exploration

  • Immersive concept development 

  • Digital scenography visualisation

  • Creative Client advocacy 

  • Resource souring solutions

For Innovators
  • Applications Engineering

  • Workflow Testing

  • Adaptive Training Frameworks

  • Innovation foresight planning

  • Strategic Cross market development
For Creatvies
  • Pipeline development 

  • Workflow Supervision

  • Technical Specification

  • Concept Development 

  • Technical Simulation

Case Studies

For Storytellers 

The Circus Runaways

tcr (10).png

Script Development for a comedy TV series created using Virtual Production


Written by Anna Southgate 

Creatively Developed by Creative Alchemy

tcr (8).png
Co development workshop of a comedy script for virtual production, ICVFX breakdown, VP shot breakdown, production budgeting & Script analysis 
Case Studies
Virtual Production


As the In-camera VFX Supervisor and Coordinator for Lux Machina on the Apple TV series 'Hijack,' filmed in 2022, we played a pivotal role in integrating cutting-edge visual effects directly into the filming process. This role involved close collaboration with the director and cinematography team to ensure seamless integration of live-action and VP elements. This series was filmed across 4 virtual production stages over the course of 100 days of filimg. This approach not only enhanced the storytelling but also streamlined the post-production process, setting a new standard for efficiency and creativity in high-end television production.


As In-camera VFX supervisor & operator for Lux Machina on the project 'Silo,' filmed over 2021 and 2022, our team was instrumental in bringing to life the visual narrative of this ambitious production. Our work involved operating state-of-the-art visual effects equipment on set, ensuring a real-time synthesis of live action and computer-generated imagery. This process was critical in creating an immersive and visually cohesive world, allowing directors and actors to interact with and respond to virtual elements as if they were physically present. Our expertise in seamlessly blending digital and physical realms contributed significantly to the storytelling, making 'Silo' a standout example of innovative film-making in the contemporary digital era.

Immersive Installations

VMI Immersive Room

In a collaborative project with Visual Impact Productions, we designed and executed a cutting-edge immersive room. This project was for an architectural visualization studio based in South London. Our role was pivotal in specifying and integrating three ultra-short-throw projectors and media control system, creating a panoramic and high-definition visual experience within the immersive room. The integration of LiDAR technology was a key aspect of this project, enabling real-time interaction with the visual content. This advanced setup allowed architects and clients to engage with 3D architectural models in a highly interactive and intuitive manner, revolutionizing the way architectural projects are visualized and presented.

British Society of Cinematographers

For the BSC 2023 tradeshow, we expertly crafted ROSCO's exhibition stand to showcase their RDX technology, a breakthrough in digital backdrops for Virtual Production. Incorporating  interactive systems, including advanced LiDAR and MIDI controls, we highlighted RDX technology's capacity for creating dynamic, immersive environments. Our role extended to specifying the media control system, ensuring fluid interaction and an intuitive experience for visitors. We developed a comprehensive content workflow, showcasing the RDX technology's adaptability in real-time content management. Throughout the three-day event, we not only provided business development support but also managed on-site operations, ensuring a seamless and engaging presentation of ROSCO's innovative virtual production capabilities. This project demonstrated our expertise in fusing state-of-the-art technology to elevate interactive exhibition experiences, reinforcing our position at the forefront of digital innovation in virtual production.


Nur Alem Pavilion 

Nur Alem Pavilion

Creative Alchemy provided specialized services for VML Technologies at the Nur Alem Pavilion in Astana, Kazakhstan. Our project was a ground-breaking workflow and content creation for the media façade for the World Expo 2018, which was a marvel in architectural and technological innovation. The Nur Alem Pavilion, was the largest spherical building in the world until 2023, a record that underscores the scale and ambition of this endeavour. We engineered a complex 3D pixel string workflow that covered an expansive area of 240,000 square meters, enveloping an 80-meter diameter sphere. This workflow intricately weaved through twisted, crossing illuminated window mullions, creating a visually stunning and technologically advanced display. Beyond the technical creation, our involvement extended to providing comprehensive workflow solutions, as well as education and training for a local Kazakhstani team


In a project that combined innovation with local pride, we developed engaging visual content for an LED and Liquid Crystal (LC) glass chandelier installation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This initiative was undertaken for Ben Peoples Industries, in collaboration with NBC Universal. The core objective was to create content that celebrated the spirit of Pittsburgh, with a special focus on the city's beloved sports teams. Our creative process involved the production of vibrant, dynamic visuals that not only highlighted the achievements and iconic moments of the local sports teams but also encapsulated the essence of Pittsburgh pride. This content was meticulously designed to be showcased on an architecturally integrated chandelier, offering a unique fusion of technology and art.


TAIT ProLight & Sound 

Creative Alchemy embarked on an exciting venture with Pixel Lux, in partnership with Lights Control Rigging and TAIT, to create an innovative trade show display for both ProLight and Sound Frankfurt and LDI in Las Vegas. Our role was pivotal in conceptualizing and executing a generative content workflow that seamlessly integrated with TAIT’s Navigator motion control system. This cutting-edge project was designed to showcase the dynamic interplay between generative digital content and physical scenic elements. Our team developed interactive, visually compelling content that responded in real-time to the movements and configurations of the physical display, orchestrated by TAIT's advanced system. This integration exemplified a perfect blend of technology and creativity, demonstrating the potential of generative content in enhancing physical spaces.

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