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My Story

Creative technologist / Thinker / programmer


I was born in Helsinki, Finland and grew up surrounded by creative and artistic people. When I was young I became interested in still photography and sketching. At art school I learned about sculpting and became adept at drawing moving images. After primary school my interests led me to begin my study of media. Computer graphics and camera work overshadowed drawing.


I have always loved music. I was a DJ at lots of gatherings until I realized performing is not the part of music I enjoy. What interested me was entertainment technology, especially lighting. I found work putting lights, sound and color to dance music at raves and dance clubs. Then I became a programmer at Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo in Helsinki for three years. I learned all I could about lighting for theater and dance from working with wonderful designers on interesting projects.


I became a technical producer for the Lataamo event agency in Helsinki. The job did not include design work. I missed it. Luckily, some executive producers needed someone to help design the events for a Finnish gaming company. This gave me an opportunity to design spaces for entertainment. During this time I learned as much as I could about architecture, psychology of crowds and semiotics. My job as technical producer expanded to include creative director, event architect and visual designer. I kept drawing from my foundation in computer graphics and sketching that gave me tools to visualize and talk about spaces that create memorable events.


I hungered for more knowledge in entertainment technology. I found a BA program in production and design at Backstage Academy (University of Bolton) in the UK. Their prospectus combined all my interests in entertainment technology so I left Lataamo and moved to Leeds. Three years at University gave me the opportunity to develop skills in video and lighting design, programing, content production and combining technologies. I was invited to exhibit at the Tate museum in London as a co designer for Icarus Wright. University was the perfect time to experiment with the balance in my work between the creative side and the practical.


While I was attending University I worked as a freelance media server operator for large productions around the world. These included the “Tree of Life” at the Milan World Expo and an opening ceremony in Kazakhstan. After graduating I became involved with helping artists present their work using technology.


During the Covid pandemic I have taken the opportunity to reflect on my skillset as a creative technologist and to look at how I want my career to go when things open up again. It is clear that my passion for live theater is so strong; my work in the future needs to be on the creative side. This will allow me to bring out my best.

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