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Serena Bliss

My Story


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Serena Bliss

My Story


I was born in Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia. My family moved to Bryon Bay when I was 2. Right across the road were the show grounds, home to Spaghetti Circus. I took classes there from 2002 to 2010. I learned skills in acrobatics, juggling and trapeze and performed regularly. Circus sparked my passion for performance arts and influenced my career path.


I started taking dance lessons while still doing circus. I was placed in a junior performance troupe. We competed for three years. In 2010 I moved up to a higher-level school, Brunswick Valley School of Dance. I joined their junior performance troupe and danced with them until 2017. We competed locally and regionally, participated in International conferences, competitions and experiences. One highlight was performing at Disneyland in Los Angeles.


When I was 7 I took up trumpet. My parents thought I needed to learn to read notes. I enjoyed it and played in the school band. We participated in regional Eisteddfods—one that was held in New Zealand. The last two years of high school were focused on drama and theater. This culminated in my composing and performing an original work.


During 2018 and 2019 I traveled, gaining many unique cultural experiences. I want to Greece, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Israel, India, Italy and the Netherlands. I consider traveling to be one of the most important parts of my education. It has been instrumental in becoming who I am.


I became the managing director of Creative Alchemy One in 2020, shortly before my 20th birthday. I have loved being immersed in the creative aspects of entertainment technology. I especially enjoy developing original ideas and concepts that push the creative boundaries in projects.

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