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"Lunar Serenity" - Limited Edition Print by Creative Alchemy

Immerse yourself in the celestial calm of "Lunar Serenity," a limited edition print that captures the delicate fusion of light and shadow, crafted with fractal precision. This artwork embodies the tranquil majesty of the moon's surface as seen through an artistic lens, with swirling patterns that echo the lunar terrain's mystic allure.

Crafted on master's edition, archival museum-quality paper, the piece revels in its monochromatic palette, where each shade of blue is a whisper from the nocturnal sky. The off-white, uncoated finish allows the intricate details to surface without the sheen, offering a view into the artwork's soul, as if the moon's very essence has been woven into the fibers of the 250 gsm/ 110lb paper.

Contained within a wooden frame of sustainably sourced pine, available in four distinct colors, "Lunar Serenity" becomes an anchor of sophistication in any space it adorns. The frame's robust build, coupled with its sleek profile, creates a window into this otherworldly scene, while the shatterproof plexiglass ensures that the artwork is preserved against time and the elements.

With hanging hardware included, this print is designed for effortless installation, inviting a piece of the tranquil cosmos into your home. Acid-free and OBA-free, the quality of the paper promises a timeless presence, free from the risk of discoloration, allowing the artwork's quiet energy to resonate indefinitely.

Each shipped package, encased in robust packaging, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility, as denoted by our use of FSC-certified materials. "Lunar Serenity" is more than a piece of art—it's a slice of the night sky, a breath of stillness, and a touch of the eternal, waiting to grace your personal sanctuary.

Wall Print - "Lunar Serenity" - Limited Edition Print by Creative Alchemy

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