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"Beacon in the Tempest" - Limited Edition Print by Creative Alchemy

As if captured through the lens of a dewdrop, "Beacon in the Tempest" offers a mesmerizing perspective where the fury of the sea meets the tranquility of the sky within the microcosm of a bubble. This limited edition print showcases a solitary lighthouse standing firm as waves, defying gravity, encircle it in a graceful arc, painting a scene where chaos and serenity coexist in harmony.

Printed on our archival museum-quality paper, the rich textures and colors of this stunning artwork are presented in luxurious detail. The matte, natural white finish of our 250 gsm/ 110lb paper complements the dynamic range of blues and greens, allowing each detail to flourish without the interference of optical brighteners, ensuring the piece's true colors are appreciated in any light.

The artwork is enshrined within a wooden frame, sourced from FSC-certified pine, which can be selected from a palette of four classic colors to match any interior. Each frame, measured for perfect balance between sturdiness and sleekness, contributes to the piece's overall presence, making it a commanding focal point in any room.

Your print is protected by shatterproof plexiglass, allowing for safe display and peace of mind, while the provided hanging hardware offers versatility in presentation. Whether chosen to inspire in a living space or stand as a centerpiece in a gallery, "Beacon in the Tempest" is an embodiment of nature's dualities, a testament to the lighthouse's unwavering guidance amidst the storm.

This artwork arrives in carefully crafted packaging, ensuring that it reaches you in the pristine condition it deserves. Each print is an invitation to ponder the powerful beauty of nature's contrasts and the strength that stands resolute within them.

Wall Print - "Beacon in the Tempest" - Limited Edition Print by Creative Alchemy

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